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477 Distilling Rye Whiskey Review

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As current residents of Colorado, we like to check out some locally produced whiskey to review. We recently purchased a bottle of 477 Distilling Rye Whiskey, a blended rye out of Greeley, CO.

There are a lot of distilleries we really like out of Colorado, our favorite being Laws Whiskey House, but we also enjoy Breckenridge Distillery and Stranahan’s among a couple others.

Well, we’re here to find out if 477 Distilling out of Greeley, CO can make the list of our favorite Coloradan distilleries. We’re specifically covering their blended rye whiskey, so we’ll have notes and a full review on that.

477 Distilling Rye Review

477 Distilling History

477 Distilling first opened their doors in 2018 as a non-distilling producer (NDP). This means they are the producer of the whiskey, but the actual whiskey is distilled elsewhere. Essentially, they purchase the whiskey from another distiller and bottle it themselves under their own name and logo.

It’s nice to explore new distilleries that are distilling their own whiskey, but sourcing whiskey is an extremely common occurrence, and some of our favorite whiskey is sourced.

477 Distilling originally operated under the brand name Tower 56 Distilling, but due to some trademark disputes, they changed their brand to 477 Distilling. Prior to 1969, Greeley, CO was a dry city, but a vote was passed that allowed the production and sale of alcohol. That vote passed by 477 votes. The name ‘477 Distilling’ is meant to represent those 477 votes because “no good story starts with a glass of milk”.

477 Distilling Blended Rye Overview

  • Spirit: Blended Rye Whiskey – 4 grain.
  • Owned By: 477 Distilling / Matt Estrin
  • Distilled By: Unknown – Likely MGP
  • Aged: NAS – 4+ years
  • ABV: 45%, 90 proof
  • Mashbill: at least 51% rye
  • Price: ~$45

There’s not much information out there on 477 Distilling and their whiskey, but there are some things we know and some things we can infer.

First, this is a blended rye whiskey using 4 grains. While we don’t know exactly the grains used, 4 grain whiskey usually means rye, corn, barley, and wheat. As a rye whiskey, we also know the mashbill is at least 51% rye.

Next, 477 Distilling Rye does not have an age statement (NAS, No Age Statement). For all whiskey produced in America, if the whiskey is aged at least 4 years, the producer does not need to release the age of the whiskey.

One worrisome fact is that this is not a ‘straight’ rye whiskey, or a blend of ‘straight’ rye whiskeys. A ‘straight’ label would insure us that there are no additives in this whiskey.

477 Distilling also doesn’t disclose the distillery they source whiskey from. However, it is disclosed that the whiskey is distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We can almost guarantee that this means the whiskey was distilled at MGP.

MGP produces two rye whiskey mashbills – 95% rye, 5% malted barley, and then 51% rye, 45% corn, 4% malted barley. The combination of these two mashbills wouldn’t make a 4 grain rye, so they likely have a customized mashbill through MGP. 4 grain rye whiskeys aren’t quite as common as a 4 grain bourbon, so it’ll be interesting to see how this whiskey tastes.

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477 Distilling Rye Whiskey Tasting Notes

Okay, we’ve covered the basics, so now let’s jump into the important questions. Is 477 Distilling Rye good? Time to pour myself a dram.

Nose: Butterscotch, black licorice and a touch of cherry, finished wood, lavender and floral undertones, some hay and grain.

Palate: Fairly good mouthfeel, floral rye spice, roasted caramel, woody, and licorice.

Finish: More dry and grainy on the finish. Toasted oak, rye spice, and barrel char hang around for a medium in length finish.

Taste Summary

477 Distilling Rye Whiskey is almost pretty good, but it just kind of sits around the ‘meh’, ‘yeah, not bad’, ‘oh, it’s decent’ category.

The butterscotch on the nose, light floral notes, a good mouthfeel, and some roasted caramel were enticing, but the youthful grain and dry finish just stopped this whiskey from going any further.

Again, it’s not bad, but nothing noteworthy. I’ll happily drink it, but likely won’t purchase it again.

477 Distilling rye tasting notes

477 Distilling Spirits

477 Distilling offers way more than just rye whiskey. Below is a list of all the spirits they offer.

  • 477 Bourbon
  • 477 Rye
  • 477 Orange Barrel
  • 477 Peanut Barrel
  • 477 Cinnamon Barrel
  • 477 Gin
  • 477 Almondretto
  • 477 Coffee Spirit
  • 477 Lemondrop
  • 477 Chai Spirit
  • 477 Vodka

477 Distilling Spirits List

477 Distilling Rye Whiskey Summary

North east of Denver and just outside of Fort Collins lays 477 Distilling in Greeley, CO. For those that live near by, stop in and check out their distillery and tasting room. They have plenty of cocktails, trivia and bingo nights, and live music!

Now, when it comes to the actual whiskey inside a bottle of 477 Distilling Rye, it’s about average. It’s an MGP sourced rye whiskey, and if you drink a lot of rye, you’re familiar with MGP whether you know it or not.

I love MGP rye whiskey, but 477 Distilling Rye isn’t quite up to par, especially for $45. I’ve got no qualms drinking it, but it’s not one I’ll be buying.

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