7 Moons Red Blend Wine Review

7 Moons Red Blend Review

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Moving back into some wine reviews, we have one of my go-to’s, 7 Moons Red Blend. I typically buy most of my wine right around the $15 range, and when I first started buying wine, I looked for two things: a cool name and/or a cool bottle. I know, very precise of me. I did that (and still do a little bit) because I don’t really know what I’m looking for in a wine, and I’m still learning. It has brought me to some good wines, though, like Menage a Trois, which I clearly chose for the name.

Perhaps I can get to the bottom of what I like or don’t like about 7 Moons Red Blend in this review. We’ll discuss some of the basics behind the company, the blending of the wine, and, lastly, the price and tasting notes.

7 Moons Wine

7 Moons Red Blend Wine Overview

  • Wine: Red blend (Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Malbec, Grenache)
  • Owned By: 7 Moons Wine, Co.
  • Produced By: Unknown. Product of Chile
  • ABV: 13%
  • Price: $12

7 Moons Red Blend is a blend of 7 different grapes. According to their website, their wine celebrates the phases of the moon even though there are 8 phases of the moon. They also just have some corny, hippy messages over the moon phases on their website. I love their bottle, the whole explanation for the name is just weird.

7 Moons Wine bottles their wine, but it is actually a product of Chile. There’s not much information out there about where, specifically, they are getting the wine from.

7 Moons Red Blend Wine is bottled at 13%, so it’s pretty square in the middle when it comes to ABV.

The most notable aspect of this wine is the price. 7 Moons Red Blend will cost anywhere from $10-14, so it’s one of your cheaper options out there.

7 Moons Red Blend Review

7 Moons Red Blend Flavor Profile

It’d be nice to know more about the actually company and process behind 7 Moons, but we’re going to move on to the important things. What does it taste like? Is it any good? What should I pair it with?

Nose: Cherry, blackberry, dark and thick. Cherry cola.

Palate: Very soft. Dark, blackberry, fig, plum, and very jammy. Cherry cola transfers over, too. More acidic than tannic, leads your mouth to salivate a bit. A little tart, a little sweet, but not too much.

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Finish: A light finish that’s short to medium in length.


Approachable and drinkable are the two best ways to express this wine. There’s a lot of different things you can say about this wine, but there’s not too much of anything. Yeah, it’s a little sweet. Yeah, it’s a little tart. A little acidic. Some tannins in there. None of it overdone. The finish is the least intriguing part, it’s not bad, there’s just not much there.


It’d be nice if we can turn up some, or all, aspects of this wine and still have a balanced, approachable wine, but this is a $12 bottle we’re talking about. You’re not going to get everything you want. It’s smooth, it’s easy, there’s a nice softness to it.

Nothing WOW’ing here, but for $12 this is a wine I buy over and over again.

Food Pairings

7 Moons Red Blend can be paired with a variety of foods. I think it’d work best with barbecue chicken, Asian food, some heavier seafood, and even pasta. It can handle a pretty wide range, I wouldn’t go too powerful with ribs or too weak with sushi.

7 Moons Red Blend Review Conclusion

7 Moons has a really cool bottle. It’s nice and dark, especially with wine in it (sorry I drank it all before taking the pictures), and really makes me want to drink it sitting on my front porch under the moonlight. Sure, the website and reasoning behind the name is kinda corny, but most of us aren’t looking into it that much.

When it comes to the liquid inside the bottle, 7 Moons Red Blend is about as solid as a $12 bottle can get. There are similarly priced bottles that might have more character, more power, or more flavor to them, but few are as approachable.

There’s nothing sexy about the wine itself, it’s just a good house wine for those that prefer buying the less expensive stuff.

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