Southern Collective Spirit Company

Southern Collective Spirits Company

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Luke is a Level I Certified Whiskey Specialist with a passion for exploring and unearthing the best whiskeys around. Luke has a preference for Rye whiskeys but has tasted over 250 different whiskeys to date varying from bourbons to scotches. He continues to expand upon his whiskey knowledge by tasting dozens of bottles monthly and reviewing them here on Barrel and Brew as he pursues his Masters of Whiskey certification.

Let’s set the scene. A couple of weeks ago, my brother, Jake, and I took off on a little road trip. After a few weeks we found ourselves in Nashville, TN for two nights. In-between bar hopping, exploring, and dinner, we had a couple of hours to spare. So, we did like any wise man would – we typed “distillery” into apple maps and walked to the closest one. It took us to Southern Collective Spirit Company.

Southern Collective Spirit Company

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Southern Collective Spirits Co Distillery Review

Upon walking in, we were greeted by a big ol’ doggo named Bernie, a sweet Mastif/Lab mix. It’s safe to say that things were off to a good start. We sat down and were greeted by Miss Tricia, who began explaining a little about their distillery.

We were just there to have a little whiskey, so I wasn’t exactly taking notes, but I’ll try to summarize. Southern Collective Spirit Co is a friend and family owned not-distilling distillery. This means they source their whiskey from various distilleries across the US. They hand select barrels and then finish them or create a blend in their distillery in Nashville. They also don’t cut their whiskey. Every bottle – at least every bottle we saw or tried – was barrel proof.

Well, I must’ve missed the part about barrel proof because we sat down and tried their flight of rye whiskey – all single barrel picks sourced from MGP. I was not expecting my first sip of the day to be 120-something proof and it went down the wrong pipe. It was, admittedly, a rough first sip to say the least.

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We went on to sip the four or 5 whiskeys in our flight, and were then taken to the back. we tried two more whiskeys straight from the barrel – one of which was an 8 1/2 high rye bourbon which was DELICIOUS. Tricia, Shane, or anyone else at SCSC, if you’re reading this, please let me know when y’all bottle that, So I can get my hands on one!

Southern Collective Spirit Co distillery

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I’m not sure which I liked more – the people or the whiskey. That’s saying something because I thoroughly enjoyed both. I usually drink my whiskey on the rocks – I like to say that I haven’t singed off all my tastebuds from decades of drinking whiskey, yet, but rocks were unnecessary with SCSC’s whiskey. I have never had such a smooth experience with 120-130 proof whiskey.

The people at SCSC were also kind, warm, and fun. They treated us well and gave us a full run down of their whiskey before they even knew we ran a whiskey review blog.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re ever in Nashville and want to check out a distillery, stop by Southern Collective Spirits Company. AND if you see their whiskey on the shelf, go ahead and give it a try.

Get Monthly Whiskey Recommendations
We review 10-15 whiskeys a month. Find new favorites to add to your liquor cabinet!
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