Best Chasers for Tequila

The 7 Best Chasers For Tequila

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Tequila is notorious as a shot. So, if someone shows up to a party with a handle of this Mexican spirit, you can be sure that shots will be taken. If you’re anything like me, you don’t need to take a shot of liquor ever again, but you certainly will. When that bottle of Tequila eventually makes its way around to you, we want you to be prepared. So, we have a list for you of best chasers for tequila.

Best Chasers for Tequila

What Is a Chaser?

Before we get into our list of best chasers, we though we should fully explain what a chaser is. A chaser is something you drink immediately after a shot. It’s meant to neutralize the flavors of liquor and take away some of the burn. Not all chasers are equal, though. Some may be better for vodka or whiskey and others for tequila.

Why Should I Use a Chaser for Tequila?

You certainly don’t need to chase a shot of tequila, but you may really want to. As I mentioned, a chaser can neutralize some of the ethanol (alcohol) flavor and burn from a shot. However, if you’re drinking good tequila, you may not need to chase your shot after all. But, what happens when someone puts Jose Cuervo Gold in front of you? You’re going to want a chaser.

The Best Chasers For Tequila

So, you’ve been presented a shot of tequila and you know right away, it’s not the good stuff. You immediately head for a chaser, but what should you grab? We’ve got you covered. Below are the best chasers for tequila shots. Most of these double as a good option for mixed drinks as well.

1. Salt and Lime

Chasing a shot of tequila with salt and lime is the most popular way to take your shot. Pour a little salt on your hand, lick the salt, take the shot, suck on the lime. Just as lime goes with Mexican beers such as Corona and Modelo, so to does it go with this Mexican spirit. Salt can also have some positive effects when it comes to drinking. Not only does it go with tequila and margaritas, you can also salt your beer!

2. Sangrita

Sangrita, much different than sangria, is a Mexican palate cleanser. It’s purpose is different than that of a typical chaser but can still be used as one. A palate cleanser is used in between sips or shots of hard liquor in order to clear your taste buds. This way, when you have your next sip the taste isn’t diluted or mixing with a different spirit.

Sangrita does not have just one recipe as there are so many different versions of it. In general, it uses some kind, or a blend, of fruit juice. Tomato juice, orange juice, lime, and others are all common in Sangrita. Add in some spice with Tabasco or Cholula hot sauce and some salt. It’s much like that mixture you would find in a michelada.

3. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is arguably the best and most versatile chaser and mixer when it comes to clear liquor. Whether it’s vodka, tequila, or rum, you have tons of options when it comes to juice. When it comes to tequila, orange juice and grapefruit juice are two of the best options. Of course, cranberry juice, lemonade, and others work well too.

4. Clear Soda

Clear soda is also a great option for chasing tequila. While you can use any soda, we follow the ‘clear liquor, clear mixer or chaser’ approach. It works vice versa as well, ‘dark liquor, dark mixer. However, we’ve already covered how lime goes well with alcoholic, and particularly, Mexican beverages. So your best bet when it comes to soda is Sprite and 7-Up. These clear, lemon-lime sodas pass all around.

5. Beer

If you love shots and drink mostly liquor, this may not be the best option for you. There’s no need to crack a full beer just to take a shot. However, if you already have a beer in your hand, no need to look for a chaser. Simply throw it back and continue to sip on that beer.

6. Your Mixed Drink

This goes hand in hand with beer. You’re drinking a mixed drink, and now everyone wants to take a shot. There’s no need to grab a chaser. You’re mixed drink likely contains soda or juice, so just stick with that. These two options make this list for their simplicity and utility.

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7. Water

Water is usually a great option for a chaser, but it can also be really bad. If you’re drinking good, or even decent tequila, then water will bring out some of those flavors while also muting some of the alcohol. However, if the tequila you’re drinking is god-awful, you do not want water to bring out those flavors.

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Best Chasers for Tequila Summary

There comes a time in your life when everyone is looking at you, waiting for you to take the shot that has rightfully found its way into your hands. Whether you lost a bet or a game, there is no escaping the 1.5 fl ounce glass filled with tequila. When this time comes, and it will, you’ll be glad you know what the best chasers for tequila are.

If you’re past the days of taking cheap tequila shots, I give you a round of applause. There are still options on this list for you. High-end tequila is meant to be sipped and enjoyed. You can use sips of water to highlight the taste, or a sip of sangrita to cleanse your palate.

Best Tequila for Shots

I’m a bit of a tequila snob. I will drink the cheapest whiskey and vodka. All it takes is a little bit of coke or lemonade to drown it out. Tequila, though? Nope, the low quality stuff will not cut it. And I’ve mentioned quite a few times that good tequila does not require a chaser. But what are those?

Let me start by making it clear what is not good tequila. JOSE CUERVO GOLD!!! Okay, not to be too tough on Jose Cuervo because there are more tequilas out there that are similar. It’s really artificially colored tequila. A lot of high-end tequila does have a light golden hue. That’s because this tequila has been aged in old whiskey or wine barrels. Some tequilas will add artificial gold coloring to make it look aged, though its not. That kind of tequila is precisely what I stay away from

While tequila is more expensive than other liquors, the good stuff doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. If you’re taking shots, you don’t need the highest end fancy sipping tequila – just something decent. Below is a list of my favorite tequila for shots.

Best tequila for shots

1. Casamigos

Casamigos is one of the best tequilas out there. Flavors of vanilla and agave are most prominent. It is a little more on the expensive side, though. A 750ml bottle of Casamigos is typically found right around $40.

2. Patron or Don Julio

Patron is not even close to being among my favorite tequilas, but I do like it as a shot. Much of my distaste for Patron has to do with their marketing. This is a company that was founded for one reason: to make money. It began marketing itself as a high end tequila and the price tag followed. Much of the hype around Patron is from pop-culture and not from the liquid itself. However, like I said, Patron is a good shot and it is a symbol of luxury.

Don Julio is another option. I wrote a guide, Don Julio vs Patron, where I compared the two based on history, price, and taste. I’m a big fan of Don Julio, but it almost hurt me to say I favor Patron since Don Julio has such a rich history. Both can be purchased around the $35-45 range.

3. El Padrino and 3 Amigos

These two are my more budget friendly options. Whereas you’re going to shell out $40 for a 750ml of the others, El Padrino and 3 Amigos are about $25. El Padrino might be my favorite tequila, but it can be hard to find. You can read my El Padrino review here. If you’re not able to find El Padrino, 3 Amigos is one of the next best in that $25 price range.

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