Gordon's gin and Gordon's Pink Gin

Gordon’s Gin and Gordon’s Pink Gin

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In this article, we’re going to discuss Gordon’s Gin and Gordon’s Pink Gin, two of the best selling Gin’s in the world. While there is no debating their sales numbers, we are going to dive into the more important questions. Is Gordon’s Gin good? What is Gordon’s Pink Gin? How much do they cost?

However, before we get there, lets discuss what exactly gin is and cover the history of Gordon’s Gin.

Gordon's Gin

What Is Gin?

While this may be a basic thing to cover, gin is not as popular as other liquors such as whiskey, vodka, rum, and tequila. For that reason, we want to cover the basics of gin so as to give our readers who aren’t as familiar a crash course.

Gin is very similar to vodka in a lot of ways. It was originally created by monks and alchemists and used for its medicinal purposes. However, gin as an alcoholic beverage didn’t become widespread in England until import restrictions on French brandy were put in place after the Glorious Revolution. Moreover, gin can be distilled with many different ingredients, from malt, barley, and other grains, to fruit , potatoes, and sugar cane.

There are many different legal definitions of gin, and they vary throughout individual countries. In the US gin must be no less than 40% ABV and have the characteristic flavor of juniper berries. For a bottle to be marketed as distilled gin, it must be redistilled with botanicals. All in all, the overarching definition of gin is an alcoholic beverage that is predominately juniper flavored.

Gordon’s Gin History

Gordon’s Gin is a London dry gin that was first produced in 1769 after Alexander Gordon opened up his distillery. Much of Gordon’s success comes from the gin’s popularity with the Royal Navy which allowed for the gin to be taken all over the world.

In 1898, Gordon & Co. joined forces with Charles Tanqueray & Co. to form Tanqueray Gordon & Co. Since then, Gordon’s Gin has been the best selling gin in the UK and among the best in the world. Now that we’ve covered some of the basic history, it’s time to discuss if this best selling gin is worth purchasing.

Gordon’s Gin Overview

Gordon’s Gin is has three different selections, Gordon’s London Dry Gin (the primary gin), Gordon’s Pink Gin, which we will cover later, and Gordon’s Lemon Gin. Throughout the next couple sections, we will be referring to Gordon’s London Dry Gin. Let it be noted that Gordon’s Gin is has different bottles and ABV based on the country. For example, Gordon’s Gin is bottled at 37.5% ABV in the UK and comes in a green bottle. In the US, it is bottled at 40% ABV and comes in a clear bottle. We will primarily be referring to the gin sold in the US unless stated otherwise.

Gordon’s Gin Taste

Here’s where we can get into the real information you are looking for. Does Gordon’s Gin taste good?

Aroma – Juniper and lemon

Taste – Juniper, lemon, hints of licorice.

Finish – Medium length, juniper, light spice.

Gordon’s Gin Taste Summary

Gordon’s Gin is very traditional in that the main smell and flavor is juniper and there’s not much debating that. There are hints of lemon, licorice, spice, and citrus among some others. While juniper encompasses the flavor enough to be traditional, there are enough light hints of other flavors to add some depth for the more seasoned gin drinkers.

Gordon’s Gin Price

While the taste of Gordon’s Gin is, at worst, average in comparison to other gins, it’s the price point that adds so much to the appeal. Below is the average price range of a bottle. (this may vary depending upon location and individual stores).

  • 750ml: $9-14
  • 1.75L : $16-20

Gordon’s Gin Value

Value is the reason Gordon’s Gin has been one of the best selling gin’s for over a century. Let me explain. Virtually no one who likes gin will pick up a bottle of Gordon’s Gin and describe it as bad, disgusting, or terrible. This is why I say, at worst, it’s average or regular. For a bottom shelf liquor, there isn’t much more you can ask for.

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Along with that comes bottom shelf prices. For the daily or weekly gin drinker, it’s tough to find a better value pick. If you don’t want to, or don’t have the funds to drink top-shelf gin every night, a handle of Gordon’s can last awhile without breaking the bank. You can then save your favorite, expensive gin for special occasions or guests.

For someone who doesn’t regularly drink gin, this is a good starter point. Not sure if you like gin? Not sure which gin is good? A $10 bottle of Gordon’s Gin is a great place to start. Head to Drizzly to get your first bottle delivered to you. If you haven’t used Drizzly before, check out a review here.

Final Thoughts

Is Gordon’s Gin the best gin out there? No. But it ranks at the top for a value pick. Here at Barrel and Brew, our value pick is Seagram’s but Gordon’s is right there to match it. Whether you enjoy it as a daily drinker, or as an entry gin, Gordon’s has a place in the home of every gin drinker.

Gordon’s Pink Gin

While most gin drinkers may not care for Gordon’s Pink Gin, we felt it important to cover. When you go to a party, especially one with a younger crowd, you are unlikely to come across a bottle of gin. There are flavored and unflavored whiskeys, vodkas, and rums. There is tequila for shots, but gin rarely makes an appearance. So if gin must be mixed with strawberries and made pink for more people to drink gin, then we say, so be it.

That’s exactly what Gordon’s Pink Gin is. Their traditional recipe from the 1880’s mixed in with natural strawberry flavors. In the UK, it is bottled at 37.5% but in the US its bottled and sold at 30% or 60 proof.

Gordon's Pink Gin

What Mixes With Gordon’s Pink Gin?

While you can easily add tonic to make a gin and tonic, you may want to spice it up a little bit. Isn’t that the main reason we have pink gin in the first place? One option is to do a gin and tonic, but add lemonade to further the fruity, sweet flavors of strawberry.

My favorite way to drink Gordon’s Pink Gin is with Prosecco. You can mix in some tonic or lemonade as well. Another option is to add some bitters or syrup and garnish with fruit twists.

Gordon’s Pink Gin Summary

Traditional gin drinkers may scowl at the idea of all the pink gin’s out there. At Barrel and Brew, we appreciate gin and think anything to get more people drinking gin is a good thing. Also, pink gin can make things a little more fun. 99% of the time we drink gin, it’s in a basic gin and tonic with lime. While this is perfectly sufficient for us, having something like Gordon’s Pink Gin around can make for more fun cocktails.

It should be noted that Gordon’s Pink Gin is not a pre-mixed, ready to serve cocktail. At 30% ABV in the US it is considered a liqueur. If you’re looking for ready to serve, pre-mixed cocktails, check out our post on Bacardi here.

Gordon’s Gin FAQ

Below are some common questions asked about Gordon’s Gin and Gordon’s Pink Gin. Much of this information is covered in the article above.

Is Gordon’s a Good Gin?

In short, yes. It’s real appeal is in its value. It is a good gin that comes with a bottom shelf price tag.

What Flavor Is Gordon’s Pink Gin?

Strawberry and Juniper. They use their traditional recipe which is heavy with the juniper flavors. They add natural strawberry flavors for the taste and coloring.

What Percent Alcohol is Gordon’s Gin?

This depends on where you are located. In the UK, it’s sold at 37.5%. In America, its distilled in Canada and sold at 40%. It can also be found at up to 47.3%.

Gordon’s Pink Gin is sold at 37.5% in the UK but is mostly found at 30% in the US.

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