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Captain Morgan Varieties

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Like most liquor brands in today’s age, there are endless options to choose from. Captain Morgan is no different. They have 13 different products in their selection ranging from 100 Proof Spiced Rum down to pre-mixed cocktails. So, in this article, we are going to cover a couple, not all, of the Captain Morgan varieties to help you decide which is best for you.

Before we get into all the details of each individual selection, let’s take a look at Captain Morgan as a whole.

Types of Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan History

Captain Morgan was created in 1944 in Jamaica when Seagram’s bought a spiced rum recipe from two brothers who owned a Jamaican pharmacy. It was in 1984, though, that Captain Morgan was introduced to the United States, and production now takes place in the US Virgin Islands.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Captain Morgan is the privateer and pirate the brand is named after. Captain Henry Morgan was a privateer, a pirate commissioned by countries to legally raid and attack enemies in war. The British had given him legal rights to attack and raid Spanish colonies throughout the 1600’s. He used much of his loot to buy land in Jamaica and eventually became the Governor of the country.

Lastly, we can attribute much of their success to their marketing efforts. Captain Morgan is consistently in the top 10 of most sold liquor brands in the US. Their iconic mascot and his pose is one the most recognizable symbols of any alcohol brand.

Captain Morgan Varieties

As we mentioned, there are 13 Captain Morgan selections currently, and they are as follows: Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, White Rum, Black Spiced Rum, 100 Proof, Private Stock, White Rum, Silver Spiced Rum, Sliced Apple, Coconut Rum, Pineapple Rum, Orange Vanilla Twist, Tropical Punch, Long Island Iced Tea, Mai Tai.

Now, we’re not going to cover all 13 of these but, rather, hand pick some of the most popular and our favorites.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

Obviously, we have to start with the staple, original drink of Captain Morgan, their spiced rum. The Original Spiced Rum is what you’ll typically see in liquor stores, and it’s the drink that has propelled Captain Morgan to the tops of the most popular liquor charts.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum Taste

With it being a spiced rum, you would assume it has many different flavors and spices. However, the primary flavor is definitely vanilla. Add in a little cinnamon and hints of oak and you’ve got Original Spiced Rum. The oak comes from the fact that Captain Morgan is aged in bourbon barrels. At 35% abv or 70 proof, it’s not the strongest drink out there but its great to be mixed with some light mixer.

The best way to mix Captain Morgan is with Coca-Cola. Captain & Coke has been one of the most popular drinks for awhile and for good reason. Another option is to make a bit fruitier of a drink. Mix Captain with some pineapple juice and garnish with a fruit wedge!

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum Price

Outside of it’s easy vanilla and spice taste, one big appeal of Captain Morgan is price. Below are typical prices you can find a bottle or handle for. Note that prices can vary depending on location and individual stores.

  • 750ml: $14-18
  • 1.75L: $20-26
Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan 100 Proof

Captain Morgan 100 Proof is pretty much a stronger version of their original spiced rum. At 50% abv, it packs more of a punch, but it’s smoothness may surprise you.

Captain Morgan 100 Proof Taste

Just like the original, the 100 Proof is considerably vanilla flavored with hints of cinnamon and burnt sugars. With it having a 15% higher abv, you may expect it to be more harsh on the finish. However, this is not the case and actually it’s the opposite.

Captain Morgan 100 Proof is best mixed with Coke or on the rocks. I, typically, prefer the drink with soda, but it is smooth enough and light enough to have over rocks. I definitely recommend at least trying it without any mixer, and if you don’t like it, add some Coke.

Captain Morgan 100 Proof Price

With the additional 15% alcohol comes the additional costs as well, but still not a drink that will break the bank.

  • 750ml: $18-23
  • 1.75L: $29-35

Captain Morgan Private Stock

Captain Morgan Private Stock is the top-shelf version of their rum that lacks a top-shelf price tag. The blend of rums is aged for a minimum of two years in ex-bourbon barrels and has a bit more spice than the original spiced rum.

Captain Morgan Private Stock Taste

The Private Stock has much of the vanilla taste that is standard among Captain Morgan Rum, but it really differentiates in its spice. There are more spices and flavors in the Private Stock, but it isn’t necessarily “spicier”. The spices used in Captain Morgan Private Stock are a bit more mild and sweet than the spices in the Original Spiced Rum.

At 40% ABV, or 80 proof, Captain Morgan Private Stock is best to drink neat, on the rocks, or with a mix of soda. Additionally, you can add a twist of lemon or lime to your drink.

Captain Morgan Private Stock Price

The best part about the Private Stock is that it doesn’t come with an absurd price tag. Many people will laugh at the idea of Captain Morgan Private Stock as a top-shelf liquor as it’s only aged 2 years. However, the Private Stock is a high quality rum that avoids the large price tag.

  • 750ml: $21-26
  • 1.75L: $39-44

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Black rum is slightly different from rums in that it does not go through the filtration process and contains more molasses. This gives it the dark, almost black coloring and makes it a bit sweeter as well. The Black Spiced Rum was likely created in response to Kraken’s Black Spiced Rum – our favorite at Barrel and Brew.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Taste

By now you should know that the primary flavor is vanilla. You also get hints of cloves used in the spice and it seems to be a bit nutty as well. One reason that Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is popular is because it’s not overly sweet like many black rums are. At 47.3% abv or 94.6 proof, it is a quality rum that packs a punch

Many people enjoy Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum over ice or neat, but I am not one of them. Nothing against Captain here, more so I am not a fan of black spiced rum straight, in general. With that being said, I think it mixes very well with ginger ale or in fruity cocktails such as rum punch. Mix it with pineapple, orange, and mango juices!

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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Price

Similar to the 100 Proof, with the extra alcohol comes a higher price. However, like all selections so far, it comes at a very reasonable price point.

  • 750ml: $18-23
  • 1.75L: $28-35

Captain Morgan White Rum

Captain Morgan White Rum is 5 times distilled and bottled at 40%, or 80 proof. It is their clear, light base rum. Being distilled 5 times, going through the filtration process, and the lack of spices or additives gives the White Rum the clear color.

Captain Morgan White Rum Taste

It has the classic taste of most white rums that leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. All in all, there is nothing significant about this rum. It’s not significantly bad or good, which makes it a decent option for mixing it.

Throw Captain Morgan White Rum in a glass with some triple sec, lime, and soda water for a mojito!

Captain Morgan White Rum Price

The reason we say the White Rum is a good mixer is because the price point. You won’t find anything much better for the cost.

  • 750ml: $13-17
  • 1.75L: $19-25

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum is probably the most popular among their flavored selection. People who enjoy coconut rum generally enjoy this selection. It’s bottled at 35%, not to be confused with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum which is produced by Captain Morgan and bottled at 21%.

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum Taste

I mentioned that people who like coconut rum typically like this selection. That’s because the flavor is overwhelmingly coconut and its very sugary sweet. If you don’t like coconut then this probably isn’t for you.

This is something that most people, myself included, would not drink straight. However, it’s decent as a mixer. I tried it with pineapple juice as a sort of piña colada and thought it was pretty good. Rum is already sweet and you add artificial flavors which makes a very sugary drink. Probably not something I’d buy or keep around, but still something I’d drink if it were around at a party.

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum Price

As with most Captain Morgan drinks, the price is one of the most appealing things. As mentioned, it’s not a terrible liquor to have with various juices at a party if you’re looking for cheap, bottom shelf liquor.

  • 750ml: $13-17
  • 1.75L: $19-25

Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea

Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea is a pre-mixed cocktail that is sold at 17% abv (34 proof). All you need to do is pour it over ice as it’s a “ready to serve” bottle. It’s a mixture of Captain Morgan, vodka, triple sec and lemon. As with most pre-mixed cocktails, it is a little sugary sweet but not overly so.

The best thing about Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea is convenience. The second is the 17% abv. Having a mixed drink that you can simply pour over ice and avoid the process of making the actual drink can be very convenient. If you’re sitting pool side, on a boat, camping, or elsewhere, it can be difficult to have mixers readily available.

Second, at 17% abv it is very easy to drink. If you’re not careful you can get fairly drunk in a short time. If you’re interested in more pre-mixed cocktails, check out our article on Bacardi’s Ready to Serve Cocktails.

Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea Price

With this drink coming in at 34 proof, its a bit cheaper of an option. Combine the price, taste, and convenience and it’s certainly not a bad option.

  • 750ml: $10-14
  • 1.75L: $17-22
Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea

Captain Morgan Varieties Summary

Captain Morgan has a specific reputation. It’s for college kids trying to find cheap liquor that’s easy to drink. While this reputation has some truth to it, it’s not entirely accurate. Yes, the original spiced rum, white rum, coconut rum, and long island iced tea all fit that reputation.

Captain Morgan 100 Proof, Private Stock, and Black Spiced Rum, however, are very good for the more seasoned drinkers. They are often overlooked because of the reputation Captain Morgan has, but I recommend that you grab a bottle and try it yourself!

Captain Morgan Varieties: Which Is Best?

Ultimately, this is a subjective question and depends on personal preference. Here at Barrel and Brew, we enjoyed the 100 Proof and Private Stock the most as they are good on the rocks. However, we enjoyed Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum in mixed drinks the most. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum might be the best budget option if you are mixing with Coke. There is a reason Captain & Coke is so popular!

Captain Morgan FAQ

Below are some common questions regarding Captain Morgan, many of which are covered in the article above.

Is Captain Morgan Good?

Captain Morgan is one of the most popular rums in the world. It is a staple when it comes to spiced rum, and Captain & Coke is one of the most popular drinks.

What Do I mix Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea With?

Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea is a pre-mixed, ready to serve cocktail. Simply pour over ice.

What Mixes Well With Captain Morgan Coconut Rum?

Captain Morgan Coconut Rum mixes best with pineapple juice in a Piña colada.

Where Can I Buy Captain Morgan?

Your local liquor store should have Captain Morgan on hand at all times. If you are looking for one of the varieties that your store may not have, or if you want your liquor delivered to you, order online at Drizzly.

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