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Pink Whitney: Everything You Need To Know

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Pink Whitney is a lemonade flavored vodka that saw immediate fame as soon as it hit the scene. While it’s produced by New Amsterdam, it’s popularity comes from the brand it’s partnered with – Barstool Sports and the Spittin’ Chiclets. If you’re a part of the younger generation or pay close attention to pop culture, you almost definitely have an idea of what we’re talking about. If not, you may be a little lost, but we’re here to help.

In this article we’re going to cover all their is to know about Pink Whitney. Keep on reading to learn more about Pink Whitney’s origin, price, taste, and the best ways to drink it.

Pink Whitney Review

What is Pink Whitney?

We’re going to start with the most basic question: what is Pink Whitney? Is it vodka, a liqueur, ready to drink cocktail?

Pink Whitney is a lemonade flavored vodka, but it comes in at a substantially lower ABV than most other vodkas and flavored vodkas. You’re typical vodka is 40% ABV, flavored vodka is often 35% ABV, but PW is 30% ABV, or 60 proof. It is 5x distilled by New Amsterdam Vodka.

Pink Whitney Origins

According to Cision PR Newswire, Pink Whitney simply began as a mixed drink inspired by a former NHL player and co-host of the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast. Spittin’ Chiclets is a hockey focused podcast that falls under the Barstool Sports brand. For those that are unaware, Barstool Sports is a digital media company and brand that has essentially taken over internet in the form of podcasts, apps, pay per view, gambling, and even TV.

Well, Spittin’ Chiclets’ first podcast episode was sponsored by New Amsterdam. On the show, Ryan Whitney, the co-host and former NHL player, shared his favorite way to drink New Amsterdam…. with pink lemonade. Fans of both the show and Ryan Whitney began sending in photos of them drinking New Amsterdam and pink lemonade, coining the drink the Pink Whitney. Eventually, bars and NHL stadiums began offering it as a specialty mixed drink.

New Amsterdam and Spittin’ Chiclets/Barstool decided to team up and create a more official drink. Instead of going the seltzer or ready to serve cocktail route, they decided to go with a lemonade flavored vodka, and of course, named it Pink Whitney.

Barstool, along with its founders and employees, has been a polarizing company. They are very much a 21st century company that garners a large following from young fans who love sports and alcohol. They have a fraternity-esque type of image.

Is Pink Whitney Good?

Like nearly all liquors, Pink Whitney has some good aspects and less favorable aspects about it, it just depends on what you’re looking for and what you like.

For me, the lemonade is strong. Overly strong. It tastes like Minute-Maid Lemonade, which almost objectively the worst. On the other hand, it’s a 30% ABV vodka that is good enough/easy enough to drink like it’s a real vodka lemonade. If you’re okay with sweet and sour lemonade, this is good stuff. Personally, I like it for a drink until the sugary sweetness becomes too much for me.

Best Ways to Drink Pink Whitney

Pink Whitney is not a pre-mixed cocktail, but it is only 30% ABV. This gives it quite a bit of versatility but also puts it in an awkward spot. It can be too strong to slug back all by itself, but it’s too light to smother with mixers. Not to mention the potent flavor can make finding a good mixer tough. So, what should I mix Pink Whitney with? How should I drink it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

ways to drink pink whitney

1. Nothing! Simply Add Ice

Okay, I know I promised you a list of good mixers, but we’ll get to that soon. One of the best ways to drink it is to add ice. At 60 proof it’s easy enough to drink. In fact, the lemonade is stronger and sweeter than it is alcoholic. WARNING – this is not the best idea for lightweights. It is still more than twice as strong as a Four Loko, so be careful slugging it back as if it’s a full on mixed drink.

2. Sprite

This is perhaps one of my favorite ways to drink Pink Whitney. As I mentioned, it is already dangerously sweet and lemonade-y. A touch of sprite dials back the sweet and sour lemonade. Furthermore, I don’t need to drink 12 oz of 30% lemonade vodka. Sprite allows you to dial back the ABV as needed. Add more sprite for a lighter drink, add a small amount if you’re looking for a stronger option.

3. Red Bull

Even though Red Bull, and Sprite too, have plenty of sugar, they are great options to dial back the lemonade sweetness of Pink Whitney. If you don’t mind the sugar free Red Bull, then I’d say that’s your best bet. This is likely a one-and-done drink for me as I’m simply not one to drink multiple Red Bulls in a night, even if they are the sugar free versions.

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4. Cranberry Juice

Okay, so cranberry juice might be the only juice that I mix with Pink Whitney. Let me tell you why. Pink Whitney is sweet and sour with what tastes like a touch of alcohol. AND it already has a very strong lemonade flavor to it. So for that reason, I’m not going to add more lemonade, or any other citrus juice such as orange juice or limeade. Cranberry has a little more bitterness to counteract the sweet profile.

Now look, I know Sprite it lemon-lime soda, okay. I know it’s packed with sugar, too. But carbonation is your friend when it comes to making a mixed drink with Pink Whitney.

5. With a White Claw or other Seltzer

This is more of a way to drink a seltzer than it is to drink Pink Whitney. If I’m drinking a seltzer and I’m at a party, or trying to drink more than casually, I like to add a shot to my seltzers. Whether it be tequila or vodka, it’s an easy way to strengthen that 5% white claw in your hand.

The nice thing is that with Pink Whitney, you can do a 50/50 mix, 70/30, or 90/10 in either direction. Top off your seltzer with Pink Whitney or top off your PW with a seltzer – either or!

6. Shot

To me, this is the best part about Pink Whitney. I don’t need to do shots anymore. I’d much prefer to sip a 125 proof whiskey, drink a beer, make a really strong mixed drink… really anything but a shot. BUT, we don’t always get what we want. At a party, there’s almost always one person pushing shots on everyone, and they will not get out of your face until you take one.

With Pink Whitney around, it’s much easier to accept my fate and take the shot. It’s easy and less alcoholic, so I think it’s the best way to go.

Pink Whitney Summary

Pink Whitney is very well known to those of us in the younger generation. It’s grown so large due to the money and popularity behind both New Amsterdam but, particularly, Barstool Sports. A very similar process went on with High Noon, the Seltzer backed by Barstool.

At the end of the day, Pink Whitney offers a lot of variability in terms of how you can enjoy it. While it’s not a pre-mixed cocktail, it works as one. It’s also great for shots. It can strengthen your seltzers, or add Sprite, Cranberry, or Red Bull to make it a mixed drink. Sprite is, I think, the best way to drink it as a mixed drink. Carbonation is your friend here, though, so club soda or San Pellegrino work as well.


Below are frequently asked question. Many of these are covered in the article above.

How Much Does Pink Whitney Cost?

While price can vary based on your location and on a store to store basis, a 750ml bottle of Pink Whitney is around the $15 mark, give or take a couple of bucks.

Who Owns Pink Whitney?

Pink Whitney is owned through a partnership of New Amsterdam Vodka. The exact percentages or deal is unknown. We also don’t have information on how or if the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast gets any extra incentive or benefit other than the branding and marketing on the bottle.

How Strong is Pink Whitney?

Pink Whitney is 60 proof, or 30% ABV. It’s weaker than most vodkas but stronger than liqueurs and pre-mixed cocktails.

What are the Best Ways to Drink Pink Whitney?

Drink it as a shot or pour it over ice and enjoy it by itself. Another option is to add it to a seltzer. If you want to dilute the alcohol content, add Sprite, Red Bull, or cranberry juice!

Where can I Buy Pink Whitney?

You can buy Pink Whitney at nearly every store in the country that sells liquor. It’s likely available at your small mom and pop shops as well. Or you purchase it online at Drizzly, ReserveBar, or Total Wine.

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